Effective solutions for listening to your customers!

LangWitty Analyzer and LangWitty Collector offer an effective combination that will deepen your customer understanding in a flash. You’ll know which of your products and services are being discussed and how to focus your development projects in just the right areas.

LangWitty Analyzer

LangWitty Analyzer provides you with automatically produced information about topics your customers are addressing in their feedback and what opinions they are expressing. Identifying areas of operations that customers find problematic along with suggestions for improvements helps you develop your company’s customer service and products to meet customers’ needs better than ever before. With LangWitty Analyzer you can analyze both customer feedback that your company collects from its customers and messages gathered from social media.

Our technology enables identification of customer’s opinions as well as topics of conversation in texts. Not only does it classify customers’ feedback and comments as positive, negative or neutral, the strength of opinions can be identified. In addition to opinion analysis, the system recognizes subjects discussed in texts (for example customer service, products and services, prices etc.) Identification of subjects is always tailored for the specific customer and can be adapted to changing needs.

LangWitty Collector

LangWitty Collector gathers messages related to your company and its products and services from hundreds of social media sources. The system searches for and saves messages from social media using search terms that you define, enabling you to stay up-to-date on constantly changing online conversations. You can define search terms yourself, so you can follow for example discussions about your company’s brand and products or analyze what is being said online about your competitors.

Mined messages are analyzed using LangWitty Analyzer, so you can better understand what your existing and potential new customers are discussing. By following conversations in social media you can better understand what people think of your company and how they are comparing it to competitors.